My name is Glenn Verheij and I’m a Game Designer / Developer from The Netherlands.

In 2011 I began my study at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. Here I studied Game Design and Development. During my study I’ve learned a lot about designing games (also Applied games). Together with my classmates we made a lot of games together. In the Applied Projects page you can find the projects I’m most proud of.

In projects I mostly take on the role of the Game Designer / Level Designer. For me this isn’t just creating ideas. As a Game Designer I strive to be as versatile as possible and a communicative bridge between all the other disciplines. Being able to program and understand how the other disciplines work makes communicating a lot easier. This also means I can take multiple roles like programming and design.


During my time at school I’d spent a lot of my free time on personal projects. As a designer I like to experiment and prototype fast so I can let others play as soon as possible.